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The Kingdom United Collective is a group of growing diverse worship leaders committed to releasing the sound of the Kingdom. The embody the sound of God’s heart and are committed to unity for the sake of the reconciliation. As Worship Leaders that serve their own ministries that have come together to model the unity of God’s kingdom!

Meet our members and/or partners below:

Not Pictured

Jonathan Gweshe: Singer -Songwriter | Worship Leader | Instrumentalist

Jared Jones: Instrumentalist

Angel Patterson: Singer -Songwriter | Worship Leader | Instrumentalist

Brian Patzan: Instrumentalist

We also have partnered with different creatives, dance groups, and creative directors, film, media developers, videographers, and so much more.

Explore the KU Collection


Giving Tuesday Campaign


Music from the Margins 2.0:

What is it?

Every year people consider giving to organizations and causes that they support. We have always done the same as an organization. This year we dreamed of doing something a bit different. As we come to the end of 2022, we wanted to plan to take time as a team to come together and spend time reflecting, reimagining,writing, and creating. We are excited for the 2023 Kingdom United Writers Camp and we pray that you would be willing to join with us by giving towards the efforts. To date the majority of the funding has been primarily independent funding which has provided some growth but limited opportunities. Many have inquired about how they help us promote new voices, new sound and create space for voices that are not featured on the mainstream as of yet and we have developed a way. 

Why is it important?

Most mainstream music and funding rarely makes it into BIPOC lead organizations, music groups, and/or record labels. Unfortunately, some of the most prominent names and faces that we know in the industry, no matter the genre, are funded or run by an organization where people of color are not reflected in the leadership, therefore our creativity rarely ever belongs to us. It limits creativity and the ways in which creatives can explore a new way forward.  Creatives like us usually are on the margins of developing the sound that is widely consumed. We know as creatives in the Christian church we need a new way forward, a fresh sound, as space to explore and listen for the voice of Christ in a new way. In order for us to effectively do so we need individuals to partner with us to make this a continued possibility.

How can I help?

We are excited to invite you into our journey of creating. Your partnership will allow us to plan songwriting retreats and camps of which we are planning one now so the time is optimal for you to join in. It will also help us to create content and share in initiative to bless local churches who are in need of refreshing, renewal, and revival. No gift is too large or small. You also have the opportunity to become not just a one time giver but to continue in these efforts with us, receiving our monthly newsletter, keeping up with special dates, deals and updates regarding things the ministry is doing. To give a one -time gift you may give below, to set-up recurring monthly gifts please email Grace Vander Weide-Serrano at and our admin team will take care of you! Thanks again for partnering, donating, and continuing this journey with us!

Projects completed with our 2021 Campaign:

  • KU Winter One- Day Intensive Camp for Creatives

  • Training & Implementation of Music Programming in an inner-city Chicago School for SY22-23

  • Payroll Coverage for PT Staff Member 


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or via zelle at

We are entering a new venture and it involves employing many BIPOC Creatives. The amount needed for our project is $55,00 partner with us today to push this vision forward.

We are looking to:

  • Hire one FT Staff Member

  • Two PT Staff Members (Media and Intercultural Relations)

  • Host 3-4 day Writing Camp

  • Provide Musician &  Vocal Clinics

  • Record 1st Kingdom United Album

  • Continue Music Programming across the City


Kingdom United is currently taking members internationally and locally. For further information contact email

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